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Jenna steps into quicksand, quickly finding herself stuck.

"Uh-oh..." thought Jenna.

Stage 1: Denial

Jenna is up to her knees in the quicksand.

"It's no big deal, it's probably not even quicksand...I'm going to have a good laugh tonight with Kia and Lina..." said Jenna.

Suddenly, she noticed the sign saying "DANGER QUICKSAND"

"Yeah...this isn't actually quicksand...somebody just likes writing things like that..." stated the mage.

Stage 2: Anger

Jenna is up to her hips in the quicksand. She has to admit that it feels rather pleasant, even if the quicksand pit appears to be deadly.

"Darn it! Why do I keep ending up in quicksand? If I had a nickel for every time I ended up in mud...I might be the richest girl ever! Why does Tigermaru and his friends have to live in the jungle with all the deadly predators?!" exclaimed Jenna.

Stage 3: Bargaining

Jenna is now up to her waist. Fortunately, she is not exactly wearing much, so she does not have to worry about getting her clothes muddy. In fact, if any of her male party members saw her dressed like she was, they'd probably be bleeding from their nose. A LOT.

Personally she enjoyed the mud's touch, though she got the feeling that it wouldn't be too much longer before she was dead. She had to do something.

"Are you there, God? It's me, Jenna! Listen, if you give me a mulligan on this quicksand trap..I promise you...I won't dress up in skimpy clothing whenever I enter the got a deal?" asked Jenna.

Stage 4: Depression

Jenna's is halfway up to her chest. She has to admit, the quicksand feels awfully good in her belly button...though it doesn't make her too happy. In fact, she's miserable.

"Why!!! Why did I have to end up in quicksand?! Oh the humanity! And to think my older sister Kia will never see me again...then again, I heard that she was going to make a quicksand video of herself in a maybe we won't be separated for long."

Stage 5: Acceptance

Jenna is up to her chest, and her arms are hopelessly trapped. Perhaps she should have kept them away from the quicksand.

"I guess this is it...I can't move at all. Personally I find it ironic that I'm going to die from quicksand considering how much I love mud. But I guess if you live by the sword you end up dying by the sword. Well, off to heaven I go..." said Jenna, sinking past her bra band.

However, a few seconds later, she found that she was now floating.

"Um, what? I was under the impression that I was going to sink completely...well, I still can't move a it looks like I'm going to be here a while. I guess I might as well make the best of it..."

One hour later...

As it turned out, Jenna had magically summoned a television set, a cup of soda with a straw, and some potato chips. She was current channel flipping with her remote in her mouth.

"What a relaxing mud bath..." stated Jenna.

At that very moment, Tigermaru showed up.

"Should I pull you out of there?" asked Tigermaru.

"Just let me have a few more minutes..." answered Jenna.

Something told her that she was going to need a nice, long bath...but since she showed off so much skin maybe she should simply go for a swim.

Jenna and the Five Stages Of Death
A story based on a Robot Chicken skit starring (with his permission) SirRaymond2k3's OC Jenna.
Now I'm old enough to drink booze...
  • Mood: Joy
Name: Kenichi Chikawa
Gender: Male
Age: 49
Appearance: Spiked red hair, Rinnegan eyes, red ninja uniform
Bio: Kenichi is one of the most depraved ninja to ever walk the earth. Many years ago, he decided to dedicate his own life to purifying the world of ninja that he considered to be weak...such as small clans for instance. He has killed thousands of people...and he has also destroyed many lands to boot, razing them to the ground.

Men, women, does not matter to Kenichi. As long as they are inferior by his standards, he will kill without mercy and hesitation. Reasoning with him is completely useless. There is nothing that he will not do in order to purge the world of the weak...and he does not care about anyone but himself...which he is quite fond of due to his immense pride.

As a teenager, he murdered his own child and parents, and destroyed his own village, thus becoming a missingnin. Since then, he has killed almost every ninja that he has encountered, whether they were trying to stop him or not. In fact, Konohagakure has only been spared such a fate simply because it happened to be full of strong ninja. Others weren't as lucky.

Can any ninja stop him and put an end to his atrocities?

Powers and Abilities

Kenichi happens to be one of the most powerful ninja in history, in no small part due to the Rinnegan he possesses. One of his preferred killing methods is transforming his limbs into weapons. He also can tear out souls and has his own specially designed kunai and paper bombs.

He also has five elemental summons, the favorite of which is his fire dragon Kaishi. In fact, he is often known as the Dragonrider...though he is also known as the Scourge of the Ninja for his horrific actions.

Finally, he is rather experienced in geography.
Kenichi, OC for Ninja Tail
In case it's not obvious he's one of the main villains.
1. Zinnia can wrestle a Machamp barehanded.

2. Zinnia owns a team of Legendary Pokémon...that are shiny.

3. Zinnia owns one million gym badges.

4. Zinnia went fishing with an Old Rod. She ended up catching Kyogre.

5. Zinnia can make Groundon faint by punching him in the face.

6. Ghost Pokémon flee in terror from Zinnia.

7. Zinnia's Whismur can take down a Level 100 Exploud.

8. Zinnia's Pokémon are Level 1337.

9. Zinnia obtained the title of Lorekeeper after she read 1000 books in under a day.

10. Zinnia beat a Claydol in a staring contest.

11. Zinnia makes Arceus look like a Magikarp.

12. Zinnia challenged Steven to a Pokémon Match...he ran to his father crying.

13. Zinnia climbed Mt. Silver in 15 minutes...fourteen of which she was making out with Steven at the bottom.

14. Zinnia invented Master Balls.

15. Zinnia doesn't need a Pokémon Center. Her Pokémon never faint.

16. Poochyena like to chase after Professor Birch. Zinnia likes to chase after Tyrantrums.

17. Zinnia can pick up any guy she likes...but she only likes Steven.

18. Zinnia took down Team Rocket with only one Pokémon...her Whismur.

19. Archie and Maxie are both terrified of Zinnia.

20. Shroomish are frowning because they know that they live in a world with Zinnia.

21. Zinnia once punched a Teddiursa because he stole her honey. Its descendants today are known as Spinda.

22. Zinnia has a 1000 win streak at the Battle Tower.

23. Zinnia is the founder of the Pokémon League.

24. Zinnia can pet 6 Pokémon on the Pokémon Amie at once.

25. Zinnia's Slaking can attack twice per turn, and is the fastest Pokémon alive.

26. Zinnia is the Pokémon Champion in Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, and Unova.

27. Zinnia's Charizard can blow out its tail without dying.

28. Zinnia grabbed Ninetales by the tails and the Ninetales ended up being cursed for 1000 years.

29. Team Rocket once tried to steal Zinnia's Whismur. They ended up in the hospital for about a month after she sent them blasting off again.

30. Zinnia can listen to Jigglypuff sing and the Jigglypuff will fall asleep.

31. Machamps can move mountains. Zinnia can move continents.

32. Zinnia can beat an Alakazam in an IQ test.

33. Zinnia beat Red at Mt. Silver using a Caterpie.

34. Team Galactic wish to establish a new without Zinnia.

35. Zinnia's tears can cure Pokerus.

36. Zinnia made Brock and Ash wear Hello Skitty underwear in front of an entire Pokémon Center.

37. Zinnia can make a Muk grow a flower.

38. Zinnia's Pokémon can burn, freeze, paralyze, poison, and put your Pokémon to sleep all at once.

39. Zinnia makes the Elite Four look like Lillipups.

40. Zinnia can fly on a Snorlax.

41. Zinnia's Secret Base is about the size of a million yards.

42. Zinnia owns about a million Contest ribbons.

43. Zinnia's Igglybuff can sing the entire score of the HMS Pinafore.

44. Zinnia's Charmander is an Olympic swimmer.

45. Zinnia's Bulbasaur can swim in lava.

46. Zinnia owns 9090 Pokémon...and has that amount of Pokémon registered in her Pokedex.

47. Zinnia is smarter than Professor Birch, Cosmo, Wanda, and Lanette put together.

48. Zinnia is prettier and has more fanboys than Lisia.

49. Zinnia almost made Hoenn explode.

50. Zinnia can write a bigger list than this.
50 Zinnia Facts
Absolutely true facts about Zinnia the Lorekeeper.


United States

Current Residence: Koridai
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite photographer: Dr. Rabbit (he takes pictures of kids)
Favourite cartoon character: Mama Luigi
Personal Quote: Kneel before my power!

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