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Wizard: It's time for a Death Battle!

Boomstick: Are we featuring another Naruto character?

Wizard: Not this time...this time, we're featuring Erza from Fairy Tail...and Zoro from One Piece.

Boomstick: Awesome! Does this mean that Naruto isn't going to be a guest star this time?

Wizard: He went back to Konoha to devour some ramen. This time it's going to be Luffy...

Luffy: I'm hungry!

Boomstick: Of course you are! You're a bottomless pit!

Luffy: I don't want to fall in one of those...

Wizard: On to our contestants.

Erza Scarlet:

Wizard: In the land of Fiore exists the strongest guild in the entire kingdom...the kingdom known as Fairy Tail.

Boomstick: Fairy Tail? Is this a book or an anime?

Wizard: It's an anime and a manga.

Boomstick: Whatever...

Wizard: The first guild master in question was Mavis Vermillion...

Boomstick: Are you going to get to Erza or not?

Wizard: Of course I was getting to that, Boomstick. Fairy Tail in question has several S-Class mages...and of course, one of them is Erza Scarlet.

Boomstick: Isn't she a bombshell!

Wizard: She certainly is, Boomstick. Fairy Tail is full of attractive females...

Boomstick: Woohoo!

Wizard: Erza Scarlet certainly is not a S-Class mage for nothing. She has access to many different armors, such as the Heart Kreuz Armor or the Heaven Wheel's Armor.

Boomstick: She makes me feel like I'm in heaven!

Wizard: She also has many different swords, and is experienced with swordplay.

Luffy: Reminds me of Zoro...

Wizard: That's why she's in a Death Battle with him?

Boomstick: Not to mention how strong and endurable she is!

Wizard: She's rather intelligent too.

Erza Scarlet's Strengths

+ Can take on 100 foes

+ Many different armors with their respective abilities

+ Many different weapons

+ Immense magical power

+ Enhanced strength

+ Immensely durable

+ Can defeat other S-Class Mages

+ Keen intellect

+ Expert at fighting hand-to-hand

+ Expert swordsmanship (Can even wield swords with her feet)

+ Has telekinetic powers

Luffy: She sounds tough...

Wizard: She is, though of course she does suffer some weaknesses. Her armor can be destroyed for instance.

Boomstick: She's also terrible at apologizing...

Wizard: And for some strange reason she always becomes helpless when Jellal is around.

Boomstick: She can also be rather impatient!

Wizard: Not to mention that she wasn't always as strong as she is now...she used to be a slave.

Boomstick: She even lost an eye! Isn't that hardcore?


- Jellal is Erza kryptonite...speaking of which Superman has been in a Death Battle twice.

- Poor at apologizing

- Armor can be destroyed

- Can't hold liquor...unlike say...Cana.

- Uncomfortable when not wearing armor

- At one point couldn't protect those that were dear to her

- Impatient

- Can be overly strict

Luffy: Are we going to get to my pal Zoro, now?

Wizard: Yes, we are.

Luffy: Woohoo!

Boomstick: Let's see Zoro in action now, shall we?


Wizard: In the world of One Piece, there are many, many pirates. Some of them are evil, while some of them simply want to explore, though this did not necessarily mean that they will not steal.

Boomstick: They're the pirates that don't do anything!

Luffy: I DO something! I stretch like a rubber band!

Wizard: One of these crews are the Straw Hat Pirates, of which Luffy is the leader.

Boomstick: That makes sense! Who do they think wears the straw hat around here?

Luffy: I do! I do!

Wizard: The second-in-command of this crew is Zoro. He is a master swordsman, and is rather durable as well.

Boomstick: He must be a chick magnet!

Wizard: One could say the same for Luffy.

Luffy: Why do the ladies love me so much?

Wizard: Because you're awesome?

Luffy: Oh yeah...

Wizard: He also has astonishing amounts of stamina and can endure large amounts of pain...

Luffy: I know, right?

Wizard: He also happens to have extraordinary reflexes and speed.

Zoro's Strengths:

+ Extraordinarily fast

+ Can dodge high-speed projectiles

+ Endurable

+ Astonishing tolerance to pain

+ Incredible strength

+ Can cut through large objects with precision

+ Defeated the best swordsman on Fishman Island

+ Could block enemy attacks with his sword

Luffy: Are you going to talk about his weaknesses now?

Wizard: Of course we are.

Boomstick: For one thing, he formerly could not cut through metal. So if he went up against a robot, he would have been done for!

Wizard: He also had trouble controlling his strength prior to the time skip.

Boomstick: And he would rather butt heads with Sanji rather than work with him...

Luffy: What a shame...

Zoro's Weaknesses:

- Sword initially couldn't cut through metal

- Can ignore injuries, which causes him trouble

- Terrible orientation (Let's just say that there's a reason why HE'S not the navigator

- Can take crazy risks

- Can lose temper

- Used to be unable to control strength...though not at the time this Death Battle will be taking place.

- Tends to hold back against weaker or innocent opponents

Wizard: I guess it's time to begin...

Boomstick: Shouldn't we wait for Luffy? He's in the bathroom...

Wizard: We'll start the Death Battle once Luffy returns...
Erza Vs. Zoro Death Battle Prelude
It's time for yet another Death Battle. And yes, this one seemed popular too.
Boomstick: The combatants are set. It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!

Kiba was relaxing after a hard mission. It was good that he was able to perform recon for such a crucial objective. But he had succeeded in his mission.

Currently, Akamaru was sniffing through the bushes.

"It's good that we managed to complete the mission for Lady Tsunade...something about finding gambling money, I think?" asked Kiba.

Suddenly, Akamaru picked up a scent.

As it turned out, he had picked up the scent of a cat...his least favorite animal in the world.

However, this was not an ordinary cat. It was a cat...DEMON.

Nonetheless, Akamaru decided to chase after it.

Quickly, Kirara began to run away.

"What's his problem?" asked Kirara. Didn't he realize that she was a demon? Granted, she was a cat demon, but still.

Kiba decided to follow Akamaru.

At that very moment, Kirara noticed Sango.

Immediately, she noticed that a dog was chasing her.

"A dog's chasing you? I'll take care of it..." answered Sango.

Quickly, she kicked Akamaru...really hard.

Unfortunately, Kiba noticed.

He got angry, snarling at Sango.

"How dare you kick Akamaru!" bellowed Kiba.

Someone was going to pay.

Quickly, he and Akamaru got ready to fight.

Likewise, Sango pulled out her boomerang. She always kept it with her in case anything happened.


Kiba and Akamaru charged towards Sango with their Passing Fang. Knowing how effective this typically was against human targets, they decided that it was a worth a shot.

However, Sango simply leapt over it like a pro...or perhaps a plumber.

Eventually, Kiba and Akamaru stopped in their tracks. They couldn't do that forever.

Sango then began to engage Kiba in hand-to-hand combat.

Unfortunately for Kiba, it appeared that Sango had the advantage in that department. She quickly managed to get a few punches and kicks in, causing Kiba to grimace. She was rather comparable to Rock Lee in that regard now that he thought of it.

Likewise, Akamaru was starting to wonder if chasing after Kiraru was such a good idea. She was proving to be a surprisingly tough kitten...especially now that she had transformed and was now larger as he was.

As such, Kiba and Akamaru decided that it would be best to try attacking as a team this time.

Unfortunately, it appeared that since Sango had designed her armor to protect herself from demons, it was rather durable. She did receive a few scratches on her face...but she wasn't going to complain about it. She was rather durable.

Since that was proving to be ineffective as well, Kiba and Akamaru decided to transform into their two-headed wolf form.

Immediately, it growled at Sango and Kiraru.

"Look at what big fangs you have...what big claws you have..." noted Sango.

"Are you quoting Little Red Riding Hood?" asked Kiraru.

"I guess so..." nodded the demon slayer.

But of course, Sango was not going to give up that easily. It wasn't the first time that she had taken on a demon...though technically this was a demon.

Sango tossed her boomerang...and wounded Kiba and Akamaru, causing them to roar.

"It looks like that was a direct shot..." noted Sango. That boomerang was awfully useful...though admittedly she did have to worry about it breaking, even if it WAS stronger than steel.

In retaliation, they began to use their Fang Wolf Fang to attack Sango and Kiraru. Hopefully this would be more successful than their Fang Passing Fang.

However, Kiraru proved to be rather durable, and stood her ground while Sango rode on her back. Sometimes Sango was glad that Kiraru was a demon rather than a cat, though technically it was her job to slay demons.

Fortunately, she did not fall off of the cat despite the force of the attack. That would probably leave her vulnerable.

Getting desperate, Kiba added a shadow clone to the mix to form a three-headed wolf instead.

This time, he used the attack with the annoyingly long name.

However, Kiraru managed to simply fly right over it, causing it to miss them completely. Unfortunately, it was a land-based technique...which didn't work out so well against an opponent that could fly.

Sometimes Kiba wished that Akamaru could have wings. That would be awesome.

And to make matters worse, Kiba and Akamaru had used most of their chakra with their attack. It wasn't good news for them, to say the very least.

At that very moment, the transformation began to wear off. All these techniques were really tiring Kiba and Akamaru.

Noticing that Kiba and Akamaru were sniffing their surroundings, Sango decided to take advantage of it.

Immediately, she tossed some poison powder, hoping that they would inhale it.

Sure enough, Kiba and Akamaru sniffed it in through their nose.

They would wish that they hadn't.

All of a sudden, they were feeling rather...sick.

"Ugh..." murmured Kiba. What exactly had they sniffed through their nose? Sometimes he wished that he did not have such a sensitive sense of smell.

He probably wouldn't have lost to Naruto if that happened, though nowadays they were friends. Kiba would simply love to have a rematch with him.

At this point, they had reverted back to their original forms.

Shortly afterward, Sango stabbed her sword through Kiba, causing him to gasp.

"You shouldn't mess with my cat...even if SHE is a demon..." noted Sango.

"Duly noted..." murmured Kiba as he passed away. Maybe in the next life he and Akamaru would actually respect cats for a change...though admittedly Kiraru was technically a demon...

Likewise, Kiraru finished off Akamaru by biting him in the throat.

With both of her opponents deceased, Sango decide to head back to her friends. They were probably waiting for her to finish demon slaying.


Naruto: What? Kiba lost! C'mon!

Wizard: Since Sango had been slaying demons for quite some time, she knew how to fight Kiba and Akamaru effectively. She was also much better at hand-to-hand combat, and her poison could be inhaled through their noses due to the sensitivity. She could even take on a demon with her bare hands.

Boomstick: Sango is so hot...and yet deadly!

Wizard: Kiraru also had the advantage against Akamaru due to her enhanced durability. As such, Sango could use her as a shield against Kiba and Akamaru's most powerful attacks. She and Sango were both able to survive long enough as a result, in part due to Sango's armor.

Boomstick: Sango is SO sexy...

Wizard: What is with you and women? You're starting to sound like Miroku.

Boomstick: By the way, I'm starting to wonder why the female opponent always wins over the male opponent...though I don't really mind. I sure am sad to lose Kiba though...

Wizard: Well, you did lose Gaara already.

Boomstick: Uh-huh...

Wizard: The winners are Sango and Kirara.


+ More durable

+ More varied arsenal

+ Armor could protect against attacks

+ Better mount

+ Could endure longer than Kiba and Akamaru

+ Could surely wound Kiba and Akamaru with her sword

+ Slays demons on a regular basis, many of which are animalistic like Kiba and Akamaru

+ Could poison her opponent through inhaling

+ Not as dependent on mount

+ Kiraru is smarter than Akamaru

+ Kiraru had nine lives?

- Couldn't merge with her mount like Kiba and Akamaru could

- Not as much destructive potential

Kiba and Akamaru

+ Passing fang had destructive potential...more than Sango did

+ Better sense of smell

+ Better teamwork

- Could be poisoned

- Her sword would be lethal to them, even in their transformed state. One stab would probably be enough for the poison to set in.

- Armor could protect against their attacks

- Not as durable

- Couldn't fight as long

- Similar to that of a animal demon such as Inuyasha, who Sango knows personally.

- Not the strongest member of their clan like Sango is.

- Kiraru is smarter than Akamaru
Wizard: It's time for another Death Battle! This time Kiba Inuzaka is up against an Inuyasha character!

Boomstick: Which one?

Wizard: Sango and Kirara!

Naruto: I bet Kiba will win...

Wizard: Maybe he will, Naruto. But nothing's for certain.

Kiba Inuzaka Analysis:

Wizard: Kurenai decided that it would be a good idea to make a team dedicated to recon. As such, she recruited three genin for this purpose. These genin were Shino Abarume...

Naruto: Wasn't he already in a Death Battle?

Wizard: And yes, he managed to survive.

Boomstick: Spoiler alert!

Shino: *waves*

Wizard: Hinata Hyuga...and finally Kiba Inuzaka and his dog Akamaru, who of course are two of our combatants for today.

Akamaru: *barks*

Wizard: Kiba in question had that dog since he was a child. Since then, they've been the best of pals.

Boomstick: I love dogs. The puppies make good footballs!

Wizard: Don't say that around Kiba.

Boomstick: Aww...

Wizard: Since he is part of the Inuzaka clans, he happens to have several techniques that he can perform along with his dog Akamaru .

Kiba Inuzaka (and Akamaru):

+ Very agile

+ Can merge with his dog to become a two-headed wolf

+ Can create copies of himself

+ Very good sense of smell

+ Can distinguish friend from foe

+ Good reflexes

+ Sharp claws

+ Can use Fang Passing Fang...or Fang Wolf Fang if transformed

+ Can add a shadow clone to become a three-headed wolf and use the Tail Chasing Fang Fang Rotating Fang (Say that three times fast!)

Wizard: But of course he has his weaknesses.

Boomstick: What kind of Death Battle combatant would be complete without them?

Wizard: Pungent aromas can incapacitate him...and if he loses Akamaru, he'll be severely weakened.

Boomstick: He can also be arrogant...

Naruto: Tell me about it!


- Can't see while in his Two-Headed Wolf form (though his sense of smell compensates)

- Pungent aromas can incapacitate him

- Without Akamaru he's vulnerable

- Can underestimate an opponent

- Using Fang Wolf Fang takes up a lot of chakra, also leaving him vulnerable

Wizard: Now it's on to Sango and her cat...

Boomstick: Why does her name sound like Mango?

Wizard: Your guess is as good as mine, Boomstick.

Sango and Kirara:

Wizard: in a village of demon slayers lived a girl by the name of Sango, the daughter of the chieftain of said village.

Boomstick: Unfortunately Naraku came along and ruined everything! What a jerk!

Wizard: As such, Sango and Kirara were the only survivors of that particular village...

Naruto: Reminds me of Sasuke Uchiha...

Wizard: Incidentally, Sango was the strongest warrior of that village. She was even stronger than her father.

Boomstick: You think your kids will surpass you one day, Wizard?

Wizard: My wife is a robot, Boomstick.

Boomstick: Maybe your son will be a cyborg!

Wizard: Of course, she also happens to have a cat companion by the name of Kirara. You didn't think that she would be fighting Kiba alone, did you?


+ Excellent at hand-to-hand combat

+ Experienced in using poison

+ Can repair armor

+ Practically superhuman

+ Enhanced strength

+ Enhanced endurance

+ Excellent with weapons and has many of them

+ Has mask to protect her from poison, such as that of a demon's.


+ Can shape shift into a stronger form

+ Has many of Sango's powers

+ Can be used as a mount

+ Decent speed

+ Impressive eyesight

+ Can also be used for transport (Though it's doubtful that Sango would flee like a coward. This IS a Death Battle, after all.)

Wizard: Now for her weaknesses. Unfortunately, she can be possessed by demons...and her mask doesn't cover the upper half of her face.

Boomstick: That's a problem.

Wizard: Her mount also has cat-like weaknesses as well.

Boomstick: Not to mention that she has to keep repairing her armor!

Wizard: Must be a pain...


- Can be possessed by demons

- Couldn't spit it out to Miroku

- Kirara has cat-like weaknesses

- Demons are her speciality, not humans

- Armor can break...though she CAN repair it.

Naruto: So, is the Death Battle here yet?

Wizard: It's about to begin...

Boomstick: I'm looking forward to it!

Naruto: Me too!
Kiba and Akamaru vs. Sango and Kirara
It appears that Shino isn't the only member of Team 8 that's facing off against an opponent in a Death Battle.
Shino stepped into Halloween Town. He had heard that it was full of Halloween characters.

And yet, he didn't seem too scared by them.

Oddly enough, they seemed to welcome him there. Perhaps they thought he was creepy. A lot of fellow ninja did, though Kiba and Hinata were still friends with him.

As it turned out, he had decided to visit Halloweentown to expand to his bug collection.

However, when he followed some of the bugs outside out of town, Corpse Kid warned him.

Apparently, there was a monster known by the name of Oogie Boogie that captured and ate unsuspecting victims. If he stepped too far out of town, chances are he would end up encountering it.

Curious, Shino wondered if there was a mission on the matter.

Well, Halloweentown WOULD likely shower him with praise if he took him down, so he figured why not.

Immediately, he began to make his way towards Oogie's Manor.

Suddenly, a trapdoor opened and he found himself inside the basement.

"Where am I?" questioned Shino.

"Well, what do we have here!" exclaimed Oogie Boogie.

As it turned out, Oogie Boogie wanted to play some games with him.

"Let's gamble, shall we?" asked Oogie Boogie.

"I'm not really into gambling..." answered Shino.

"Well, it's your life on the line, not mine!" bellowed the gambler.


Wasting no time, Oogie Boogie pressed a button.

Quickly, several playing cards appeared.

Immediately, they pulled out some blades.

"Well, nobody said this mission was going to be easy..." noted Shino.

Fortunately for Shino, thanks to his natural agility, it was a simple matter of ducking underneath the blades to get to Oogie Boogie.

In retaliation, he decided to activate some more traps.

This time, Shino was up against a lottery machine which had guns.

But as before, he began to dodge the bullets...though admittedly they were faster than the blades.

Frustrated with his lack of success, Oogie Boogie decided to try a sneak attack using an enormous blade.

Oddly enough, this was more successful.

Immediately, it hit Shino and pierced him.

"Gah!!!!" screamed Shino.

"Ha! I win!" exclaimed Oogie Boogie.

But as it turned out, it was simply an insect clone.

"Huh?" asked the burlap sack man. Perhaps he wasn't the only one made out of bugs.

Suddenly, he found himself being hit by Shino's taijutsu.

"Ouch! Ooh! Ow! Eek!" screamed Oogie Boogie.

As it turned out, Shino had merely used that clone for an opportunity to attack Oogie Boogie.

Realizing that he was in danger at close-range, Oogie Boogie decided to flee for the time being.

However, Shino was not going to let him go that easily.

Immediately, he stuck a tracking beetle for Oogie Boogie. It appeared that his espionage skills were going to come in handy, even if he was going on a fighting mission instead of a spying mission for a change.

Sure enough, Oogie Boogie ran away from his lair.

Personally, he wondered if Shino would give up and go back home so that he could move back in.

But perhaps he would simply need to find a new lair.

Maybe he could try to conquer Halloweentown again? Then again, Jack Skellington WAS defending it.

Suddenly, he noticed that Shino was approaching him.

"What? How did you find me?" asked Oogie Boogie.

"I used a tracking beetle..." answered Shino.

Since Oogie Boogie was full of bugs to begin with, he had not noticed it.

Getting desperate, Oogie Boogie decided to transform.

Immediately, he drew attention to all the bugs in the area.

Quickly, he transformed into his Mega Oogie state.

"That presents a problem..." noted Shino.

Immediately, he began to puke up trash at Shino.

But, as before, he managed to avoid it using his agility.

From what information he had obtained from the tracking beetle, Shino determined it might be best to go for the face.

So, he decided to head to the tops of the trees.

Oogie Boogie attempted to use his hands to make shinobi pancakes...but the attack was too telegraphed. Shino avoided it easily.

Of course, one could say that all of Oogie Boogie's attacks were telegraphed in a sense...though Shino would probably have a harder time avoiding them if he wasn't so fast.

Suddenly, Shino attached beetles to Mega Oogie's face.

"Oh no! My bugs!" screamed Mega Oogie.

The bugs began to chew through Mega Oogie's burlap sack. Though he had grown in size, it did not stop Shino's bugs from gradually chewing through it.

"My precious bugs...." murmured Mega Oogie. At this point, he was starting to sound like a broken record.

Curious, Shino noticed that a bug was screaming "My bugs!" by itself. Perhaps this was a brain bug?

Since he found it interesting, Shino decided to trap it in a jar.

"This will do nicely for my research." noted Shino. He was glad that he came to he didn't think his teammates would like it too much.

Then again, one of the residents WAS a dog.


Shino added Oogie Boogie's brain bug to his collection. Perhaps he could use him for a potential summon...since clearly he could control other insects.

Maybe he could find a way to get him to listen to him. A contract, perhaps?

Suddenly, he received an invitation to a party at Halloweentown. Shrugging, he decided to attend. Maybe Kiba and Hinata would be interested if they could get used to be frightened by the residents.

Meanwhile, Lock, Shock, and Barrel were struggling to find out how to put back Oogie Boogie back together again in his enlarged state.

Naruto: Ha! I knew that Shino would win!

Wizard: Though Mega Oogie was certainly experienced with technology, Shino's agility meant that he could avoid them long enough for him to approach Oogie, leaving him vulnerable to a close-range assault.

Boomstick: Not to mention that his habit of treating battles as a game left him vulnerable to a surprise attack, Shino's speciality!

Wizard: Though he could transform into Mega Oogie, this did not stop Shino's bugs from chewing through his burlap sack...including his face.

Naruto: Believe it!

Wizard: The winner is Shino Aburame...

Shino Aburame

+ Tracking bugs kept his opponent from escaping

+ Bugs could chew through burlap sack

+ Fast enough to avoid Oogie Boogie's attacks

+ Knew martial arts similar to Rock Lee or his teammate Hinata

+ Had an innate knowledge of insects

+ Treated battle more seriously

+ Braver

+ Could quickly make the fight become a close-range once

- Lacked a transformation skill...unlike Kiba and Akamaru.

- Didn't know how to make Oogie Boogie's snake and spider's a trade secret!

Oogie Boogie

+ Could trap Shino in one of his games

+ Could transform into Mega Oogie

- Didn't take the battle seriously...leaving him vulnerable to a surprise assault.

- Bugs could chew through previously mentioned.

- Would certainly not win in a close-range battle

- Coward

- Shino's tracking bugs meant that he couldn't flee

- Shino knew enough about bugs to determine how to fight him
Wizard: After our Jafar vs. Ursula Death Battle, we're going to be doing another Death Battle featuring a Disney character!

Boomstick: Back to the wonderful world of Disney, eh?

Wizard: It's not ALL wonderful, as those two can attest. For this Death Battle we shall be featuring another Disney villain...

Boomstick: But this time, we're also throwing in another Naruto character!

Naruto: Is it, me?

Wizard: No, Naruto. You need to wait your turn?

Naruto: it one of my friends?

Boomstick: It sure is, Naruto!

Naruto: Is it Gaara again? I thought Toph brutally murdered him...

Boomstick: Spoiler alert!

Wizard: No it is not, Naruto. It's your friend Shino.

Naruto: The bug man?

Wizard: Yes, Naruto. The bug man.

Naruto: Alright! Who is he up against?

Boomstick: Oogie Boogie!

Naruto: He has a cold?

Wizard: THE Oogie Boogie.

Naruto: Hmm...

Shino Analysis:

Wizard: As you may know, Shino is a member of the Abarume clan. As such, he just so happens to have to an entire colony of bugs living inside his body.

Naruto: *shivers*

Boomstick: Is he supposed to be a guest commentator?

Wizard: He's waiting for Ichigo Kurosaki to finish his manga so that their Death Battle will be underway.

Boomstick: Oh.

Wizard: These bugs can be used for both offense and defense.

Boomstick: He's also skilled at espionage!

Wizard: He also happens to know taijutsu...which is basically martial arts.

Naruto: Believe it!

Wizard: As such, he's rather agile.

Boomstick: Where is my insect repellent?

Wizard: Of course, he also has his share of weaknesses...though they seem rather mild by comparison.

Naruto: Huh?

Boomstick: He's more skilled in espionage than he is in combat...

Naruto: True...

Wizard: He also occasionally argues with Kiba...though not with Hinata.

Naruto: I love Hinata!

Boomstick: Let me send that love letter then...

Naruto's face turned red.

Shino Abarume

+ Has control over bugs

+ Fast

+ Skilled in martial arts.

+ Bugs good for offense

+ Bugs also good for defense

+ Bugs can extract life from victims

+ Bugs can pull a Beni Gabor

+ Skilled at using bugs for tracking


- Better at espionage than combat

- Occasionally argues with Kiba

- Difficult for people to understand him

- Very dependent on his bugs

- Naruto was unable to recognize him after two and a half years

Naruto: Shino is still angry at me about that...

Boomstick: Now for Oogie Boogie!

Naruto: He's up against a snot monster?

Wizard: Naruto, let us explain!

Oogie Boogie Analysis:

Wizard: In Halloweentown exists a rather strange group of individuals...a group of people that like to scare others.

Boomstick: Is it Halloween yet? I want candy!

Wizard: However, though they like to scare others, they are not interested in hurting them. That's what Halloween is about, after all.

Boomstick: Aww...I brought my shotgun.'

Wizard: They are led by Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King. His archenemy is who we'll be analyzing.

Boomstick: If all goes well he won't have to lift a finger, eh?

Wizard: Oogie Boogie is a gambling boogie man. He loves to play games...including potential prey.

Boomstick: He just loves his snake and spider stew!

Wizard: He happens to be skilled with many different devices...including blades, guns, and the like...

Boomstick: I love guns!

Wizard: He also can transform into a giant version of himself called Mega Oogie...

Naruto: Is that a monster sneeze?

Wizard: I'm starting to regret having him as a guest commentator...

Oogie Boogie

+ Skilled with inventing things

+ Skilled at making snake and spider stew

+ Can transform into a giant version of himself

+ Has already killed several different victims

+ His shadow has a life of its own

+ Very strong

+ Can be put back together if killed

Wizard: Of course, he's not invincible. How would the Pumpkin King defeat him otherwise?

Boomstick: If his brain bug is destroyed, he's a goner!

Wizard: His burlap sack can also be ripped open...which is basically his skin.

Naruto: *shivers*

Boomstick: He's also a terrible gambler!

Naruto: A terrible gambler? I wonder if he and Grandma Tsunade would get along.


- Burlap sack can be torn open

- Brain bug can be squished

- If torn apart, he needs Lock, Shock, and Barrel to put him back together

- Treats everything as a game

- Somewhat lecherous to the point of distraction

- Terrible gambler

Naruto: Somewhat lecherous? You think he would like my sexy jutsu?

Wizard: Yes, he would.

Boomstick: Guess what, Naruto! Your pal Shino is about to enter a fight to the death!

Naruto: Go, Shino!

Wizard: The combatants are set...

Boomstick: It's time for a death battle!


United States

Current Residence: Koridai
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite photographer: Dr. Rabbit (he takes pictures of kids)
Favourite cartoon character: Mama Luigi
Personal Quote: Kneel before my power!

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